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Select between: 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 minutes of an unforgettable experience flying over Paraside!

Explore the clear waters and white sandy beaches of Bávaro – Punta Cana and discover the unspoiled beauty of Bávaro.

Exotic Island Excursion to Saona

Take in the vistas as you soar over the white sandy beaches and palm trees where you’ll see the real countryside, its farms and fields! An adventure within an adventure! Get ready for one of the best seaside meals you’ll ever have where your feet are literally in the sand and your table is set within steps of the ocean. Take lots of pictures because your family and friends back home can’t imagine the beauty of The Exotic Island Excursion to Saona!

The Grand Cascading Waterfalls of Salto La Jalda

Nestled deep in the Cordillera Oriental Mountain Range and surrounded by a lush tropical rainforest is the highest waterfall in the Caribbean, Salto La Jalda! Fly along the pristine beaches of Punta Cana, past the quiet villages to the north slopes of the sierra. Discover the magic and mystery of this incredible beauty and see up close the rushing waters as they spill over the cliffs! As your stress level fades, enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature!

Champagne Night Flight

Fall in love again and make those incredible memories that last for a lifetime! A one of a kind experience! Bring your significant other, listen to live Caribbean music, taste delicious appetizers and sip champagne under the twinkling lights of the palm trees while you await your helicopter! The Champagne Night Flight! Glides you off into the night sky where you’ll view the awesome starlit beauty and 1000’s of lights along the beaches and hotels of Punta Cana!


Begin your adventure with the most beautiful view from the air of the Bavaro – Cabeza de Toro area, a unique panoramic view before landing in the center of the park surrounded by lots of trees to continue with the exciting and challenging two hour boogie drive were you’ll get to see the natural reserve of Laguna Caleton and as far as Cabo Engaño, the easternmost point of the Dominican Republic. Conquer the air and land in a safe and natural environment, where fun is part of this adventure from the beginning to the end, guaranteeing unique moments that you will share with family and friends after being part of the Heli Adventure Excursion!

The Heli-Ranch VIP Excursion

Heli Ranch VIP! The ultimate “All Inclusive” Excursion for those who want to do it all! Land at a real Dominican Ranch developed exclusively for fun and adventure, as well as showing you many of the cultural aspects of life in this tropical paradise. See real coffee plants growing and sample the home grown delicacy! Take a taste of the homemade Pineapple Wine, Mamajuana or the many other varieties locally produced on the island. Hop on the “All-Terrain Vehicle” the locals call “Boogies” and drive through an extensive series of trails and roadways! Ready for more? Swim in one of three exclusive fresh water caves fed by an underwater river. There’s even a waterfall inside!

Custom Group Excursion

Custom excursions are available upon request!


We offer mind-blowing ways for you to propose, with this amenities no one will say no.  We offer Amazing flights, Unbelievable places, Lovely nature and an Efficient crew.

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